Thursday, January 18th, 2018

BREAKING: Somalia’s youngest cabinet minister shot dead in Mogadsishu

The Minister for Public Works and Reconstruction was shot dead in Mogadishu today.

Early reports say that 31-year-old Abbas Abdullahi Siraji – the youngest Somali minister in the Somali cabinet – was shot dead at the front gates of Villa Somalia this evening by Somali government soldiers who were escorting the Auditor General, Nur Farah. The soldiers began firing at Mr. Siraji as his car approached the checkpoint leading to the compound.

A source close to the investigation said that Nur Farah’s bodyguards were suspicious of the vehicle carrying Abbas Siraji and believed they were following their car too closely.

Abbas Siraji was not alone in the car when he was fired upon and unconfirmed reports say that another minister was with him, although it is said to have survived the shooting.

Abbas Siraji made headlines earlier this year with his inspiring story that saw him go from the largest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab, to being appointed a Federal Government Minister in Somalia.

HOL will follow the developments closely.

Nagala Soo Xiriir

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